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Get ready to read the best breaking news stories from the world of online casinos here in America! Fun, interesting, intriguing and hugely relevant to players looking to experience quality whilst gambling online.

We wish to cover every possible aspect and feature of online gambling and with this we have added to our Online Casino USA guide a new feature that bring you all the latest inside gossip within the industry.

The news section of our site will be updated with news that matters. We won’t bore you with thinks that go on outside of the online world, if you can see it, play it or take advantage of it, only then will we supply to most relevant news content.

The only online casino news content that is of worth and covers the hottest topics around online gambling

We will aim to highlight any significant changes, update and new releases regarding online casino features and platform. Should there be a new game release out that we believe is of importance and is available through the casinos we recommend, then you will know of their release. Any new releases will come with a casino bonus as standard, so you are able to experience the latest games either for free or with a bonus allowance for depositing to play.

We will cover an array of topics and stories that comes from within the virtual walls of the casino industry. You can find all the relevant articles to this guide listed within our sites news page and what till follow during our service is regular tweets which give you the latest promotional offers to take advantage of and the news. More of this is to come and we thank you for being part of it.