Counting Cards in Blackjack: Count Your Way through Successive Wins

Card Counting in Blackjack Card Counting in Blackjack

Many say it’s the best online blackjack strategy going. Counting cards in blackjack has brought about much success, but like all things where rich rewards come about, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to reap the cash reward from this card gaming strategy.

Want to know how to count cards blackjack style? Then our games guide will give you the basic skills

Counting cards in blackjack is not illegal so knock that on the head for those wondering is counting cards in blackjack illegal? Just to be clear it never has been illegal to use. The misconception is in fact that the casinos in land based venues frown upon its use but it’s not illegal and it cannot be proven to have been used. So with the option of counting cards online blackjack players can now reap the reward of their mind skills.

Learning to count cards blackjack players can pick up very simply and won’t take too long to learn

To count cards online blackjack is a perfect game to use to learn the process. Because so few cards are used, you are not having to memorise so much over a long period of time. So when it comes to your counting cards blackjack practice, the system you have is very simple and the most easiest of card counting systems and techniques for any beginner to pick up when face to face with the live dealer.

So how do you count cards in blackjack? Here is the most basic system to remember and use for the game

You’ll soon learn if you can you count cards in online blackjack. The given system to beat the game and number of decks used is above all the easiest one to grasp and is a case of adding and taking away.

So this is how to count cards at blackjack:

Once a card has been dealt you are looking for the end goal that gives you a probability of what high scoring cards remain thereafter. It’s never 100% accurate until fewer cards remain in the deck. This is how the scoring of the cards works…. Card numbers 2 to 6 are a +1 score. Those running from 10 to ace are scored as -1. All other blackjack cards remain at 0 score. The running count covers all cards used in every pair played so if you have an ace and a 4 that comes to a 0 score. Alternatively, a Jack and 10 will come to -2. Predicting the remaining card values is the aim of this basic strategy method so don’t over-think it. Those which master this see their odds suddenly far out pass the house edge thanks to this counting system.

It works for single deck shoe and multi-deck shoes. Small decks make this easier of course. This is called the hi lo system and will track up to two decks with ease.

Why count cards in blackjack is a very successful strategy when it comes to playing games online

Card counters favor this whether they are new to the game or long time players. Its less hassle to count this way with the pressures of gambling. Keeping in focus is a must for any player and with knowing how to use the count cards in blackjack system will be a challenge at first. If you want to know how do you count cards in blackjack when you play machine games, then our advice is to not bother as the deck count is unknown and wins are based on programming which you cannot influence.

It is true that big wins have come from this online system. A card counter cannot be caught by the casino making the card counting system a positive option to play with.

Now you know how to count cards at blackjack, put your memory to the test with free demo games firstly

Now you know how to count cards blackjack will never be the same again. To help you count cards blackjack training demo games will give you the next best thing to a live table. Increase your memory skills by using these tools. For more information on these head to our free games guide.

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