Sic Bo: Learn, Play and Win – Your Complete Games Guide to Sic Bo

Sic Bo Sic Bo

Wanting different online casino games to those more common options? Then try your hand at Sic bo. This guide will take you completely through the whole game, from teaching you the rules to accessing free to play games whether they are machine or live tables.

Introducing you to all that is within the sic bo game. Learn the rules and play the games available online

Sic bo may not be high on the popularity list, but the sic bo game comes as one of the best odds games to play in the casino, and no-one seems to realise this. The game is a distinct mix of craps and roulette, this is how best to describe the game anyway.

It was created in ancient China and was a popular feature in Vegas during the 60s. Now the game is online, and we’d encourage you to give it a try.

You get to practice sic bo online through our collection of demo games used by real online casinos

To help you play sic bo and to master the combination bets and all the other facets of this game, we can offer you the option to get the game of Sic bo free!!! We have and expanded guide for this option that will help you to learn the rules first-hand and to learn the layout of the table. The free gaming option is the perfect strategy tool to learn about how to break the house edge over the game. Also, it preps you well for those live dealer games, should you want to play for those big payout prizes.

How to play the sic bo casino platforms at they come presented to you either from machine or live tables

Online sic bo gambling is played out with three dice and a player has many chances to win from the game, as you can wager indiscriminately over the table. The game begins by placing your bets first as to what the three dice will land on as a total! As an example, you can opt for a specific number or try combinations which come with the sic bo table which we discuss below.

With online sic bo gambling you have many betting options which makes for better odds of winning

The table may appear to look off-putting at first but these markings are just the types of bets you can take advantage of. The game is still known as having one of the best odds in terms of house percentage. Few games match this in the industry and thusly, the probability leads to a good win rate. Playing sic bo is simple and on the table you can be on the following options for the triple dice game.

In the sic bo casino, you can bet on the ‘small’ option that the numbers 4 to 10 will be rolled. To bet ‘big’ you are looking for the dice to land on numbers 11 to 17. You can bet on double numbers, triple and single numbers, You can bet on 2 dice and their roll, another example, 2 and a 3 or 4 and a 6.

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Experience this game yourself and see what payouts you can land. Give yourself a good chance by playing with more money from the casino. You can claim bonuses to help you prolong your game and enabling you to wager bigger amounts.

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