Craps Game Rules: Learn the Basic Rules of the Craps Casino Game

Craps table dice Craps table dice

If you want to be the best player when it comes to the craps game online, you are going to need to know the craps game rules to begin with. Learn all there is about the game and the many different ways you can bet with the dice game.

Bringing you the rules for craps so that you can face the best games found in Americas top casinos

Here we cover the craps game rules, these are very basic rules that you will have no trouble remembering. The game is popular because of the easy gameplay it offers you. Knowing how to roll dice in craps, is not needed as this is obviously online. We will breakdown the rules so that as you learn how to play craps, you can take it step by step. There’s a lot to learn about the game from wager payout odds to proposition bets. Use our craps guide to help give you advantage over the field of play as we cover topics of strategy play and free games.

Here, for now you will learn about gambling and winning from the possible options which are discussed in the following points.

Teaching you how to bet craps on it different formats that include live tables and virtual machines

This guide is obviously how to play craps for beginners and to help, you can access free games to know how to play craps at the casino hands-on. It perfect to learn just how to bet on craps and all it’s combination options for betting before the two dice are rolled. No need to buy any guide books or watch video guides, the game is simple to play and place bets on. It’s an experience for which no other game is the same.

Once you know how to play craps dice and with a bit of time, you will become a sharp shooter

The basic craps rules are as follows. At the craps table you place your bets as to how the dice will land. You place your bets and the machine or dealer will roll them. The shooter which is the person throwing the dice must make a pass line bet. You can opt for the don’t pass line which is essentially betting against yourself.

The casino craps rules inside land based venues obviously differ somewhat as you cannot touch the dice. So what are the rules of craps when it comes to betting?

What is essentially how to play craps for dummies, will be the biggest payoff once you master the game

The rules for craps when it comes to betting. Knowing how to bet craps depends on the format of game you play. With machines, you won’t need to know how to play craps dice strategies, as the game is best played live, here are the wager rules for you.

The come bet is the very first bet placed when the shooter rolls. The win relates to whether you hit a seven from the two dice or eleven.

The come out dice roll bet covers the numbers four to ten. If this is landed then a point is awarded where the shooter must roll a seven to win the next round.

Don’t pass line betting is going against you, you want the dice to craps out by rolling a two three or twelve.

The don’t come bet is where you want the shooter to roll out anything but a seven. This is placed during the point number round.

You can make single roll bets, you place your chops on the dice combination layout of the table.

The next roll is always important than the first for the big wins. For many the pass bet is the common bet placed before the dice is thrown. The odds bet for this is low, but it’s true that you have to play a long time to win big.

Now you have the craps rules for dummies embedded into your head, why not give the game a try

The house edge is not as high as other games so it pays well. To help you play better against the odds you can earn more chips from casino bonuses out there which we established in our strategy guide. There are also demo game available to help you practice before playing dealer games.

Use this how to play craps for dummies article to refer to as you play. You will lose at times, but as all craps rules for dummies go, you’re better losing as you learn for free than in real money games. And that’s all for the craps table rules.

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